Bobs' Lake City Liquors 2019 Charity Drive

Tuna Drive

Items available in Tuna Drive:

Pappy Van Winkle 15 ($99.22)

George T Stagg '19 ($135.37)

Four Roses SmBLE '19 ($243.82)

Weller 12 ($60.66)

EH Taylor Amaranth ($?)

EH Taylor Barrel Proof ($130.55)

Parkers Heritage Collection Rye ($207.67)

Old Fitzgerals 15yr ($?)

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon ($178.75)

Elmer T Lee 100th Anniversary ($?)

8 Willett Family Estate "Cipher" ($?)

8 Willer Family Estate "Parking Lot Razzles" ($?)

  • Entries must be cans of Tuna.

  • We will begin accepting donations at 10:00AM on 11/30

  • The last day to drop off donations will be Monday, 12/16

  • There is one entry, per person, per day. Please do not try to biolate this rule.

  • The person who wins the bottle, must present their calid ID to purchase the bottle.

  • If you're caught cheating, we will not notify you, we will remove your entries, and continue to accept your donations.

  • Details of the prizes avaliable in this lot can be found on the in-store entry form. 

  • Participants are only permitted to win one bottle, including other prize lots.

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