Bobs' Lake City Liquors 2019 Charity Drive

Other Details
  • Draw Order: We will draw in the following order. #1 Chilli/PB, #1 Toys, #1 Tuna, #2 Chilli/PB...etc

  • In the past, we have rin into some instances where a winner didn't want the bottle they won, but they felt obligated. If you don't want a bottle, just leave it blank on the entry form, there's someone who would really love that bottle.

  • WE WILL NOT NOTIFY WINNERS.  You can watch the live stream on Facebook, and winners are posted in store within a few days of the end of the raffle. If you're not sure if you won, stop by and ask. Even as a lasst resort, you can call us.

  • The cost to enter is one can/toy. The most effecient way to enter is to stop by the store every day, we understand this isn't feasible for many customers. You may purchase additional days, up to the maximum of 17 entries. The catch is an additional day costs you 3 cans/toys. The raffle runs for the 17 days again this year. This means if you'd like to buy the maximum entries, and not bother with coming in every day, it will cost you 49 donations for each prize lot. (16 x 3 times premium(48) + the entry for the day you're there). This can also be applied for single days.

  • For the toys, while not required, North Helpline has informed us that the most needed toys are for tweens. Books are good. Any music accessories are good. If people have good suggestions, please pass them along.

  • As always, this is for the right to purchase at "WA retail." Prices can be found on the entry sheet.

  • For the first time, we will allow "proxy donators." You are allowed to drop off for one other person. There are two additional rules of note for this new rule. Forst, if someone who is proxied for wins, they must still purchase the bottle with their valid photo ID to have the bottle released to them. Two, all proxy entries are subject to the three can rule.

  • We have added a direct link to the North Helpline on our Website. Any donations done online DO NOT count twards store entries. 

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