Bobs' Lake City Liquors 2019 Charity Drive

*Disclaimer - Please Read*


For the first time in the history of this event, we'll be starting (and possibly ending) with many of these bottles not in hand. I would not include bottles I am not 99.99% sure we'll be receiving, as you may notice some notable omissions. In the very, very small chance we don't receive a stated bottle, you will receive a mutually agreed upon bottle, a better bottle. The rationale for doing it this way is that we need to get the donations to North Helpline by 12/18. So our choices are doing it this way, or shorten the window, lessening donations, or not do it at all. We have chosen the former. We will be extending the typical pickup deadline of 12/31 to 1/31. Furthermore, because some of these items are new, so I won't be able to list the price. As an aside, we're not sure when the Willet barrels will arrive, but those are our barrels, and there is zero risk in including those. The WFE could be in December, or it might be January.

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